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HeroWelcome to Hero6! An original and exciting game set in the myth-shrouded town of Albion. Explore the mysteries enveloping this town and stride forth on your very first adventure. Become a hero like none other in the past or the future!

The team of Hero6 was formed in 1999. In the beginning, the game was nothing more than a spinoff of another universe. However through time and labor, the entire game evolved into a standalone world.

With members from countries all across the world, representing a wide variety of ages and professions, the Hero6 team are working hard to craft a game that will embody the best features of the adventure/RPG genre. The wait may be long, but, in the end, it will be well worth it! For in the town of Albion, mystery and adventure awaits. . .

Official Hero6 News
xx One Final Announcement + the end of Hero6.
October 30, 2011, 05:47:48 AM by deltamatrix

Hi all,

I have had a chance to reflect on the past several years of Hero6 for which I was involved. I dare say we all had a lot of fun, laughs and so forth. But through all the good old days of jollity, we never made a fantastic amount of progress in the past 12 years that would really lead us to the alpha stages. I think we can all agree that any game development requires management, coordination and above all, leadership. While it is true Hero6 was a conglomeration of artistic, musical and technical talent, leadership and coordination was a much needed quality that was never established.

I recently took a stroll onto the old private forums that once breathed a seemingly ever-lasting life of commitment and passion and all I see now is just memories decaying away at the mercy of a poor maintained forum that seems to be gradually losing its data - there has been not a single forum post since January 24 2011. Earlier this year, I did however oversee a small final attempt by a small resurrected group of old members with a goal to at least complete Chapter 1 of the game and sadly even they seem to have lost all interest. Projects like these require a seemingly impossible amount of commitment so it is simply astonishing that AGDI (a team that actually spawned from Hero6) has managed to complete 4 different games for us to play (excluding the commercial ones) with no personal gain for them.

So anyway, this just leaves me (so as far as I can tell) who seems to be the last remaining 'sort of' Hero6 member with an interest in seeing the project through but alas I have no time to commit what with working and personal life taking priority. I guess I have been less a Hero6 member but more a steward as it were in recent times but now I think it is time to concede.

I would like to officially announce that I myself will now be stepping down from Hero6 and will not be making more contributions. And as this leaves no more Hero6 members, I will now be declaring that the Hero6 project is DEAD!

But do not despair entirely as I will not be leaving you faithful Hero6 fans empty handed. I has decided to publish the source code for you to play with - who knows maybe someone else will decide to take over and see the project through where us old timers did not succeed.

Please be aware that the game is nowhere near complete and requires lots of work. The source code is quite a mess due to lots of changes, cuts, TODO's and revisions made and does need quite some refactoring (IT term making clean up the mess).

So if you are interested, please find the latest AGS src here:

You will need the latest AGS build (go to www.adventuregamestudio.co.uk).

There is some other material hidden away in the archives (such as unused art and music) and they might be available for request although I'd have to dig around.

Anyway, thanks for reading my long-winded farewell speech. Its been fun and I wish you all the best of luck.


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xx I h8 spammers
October 11, 2011, 07:59:36 AM by deltamatrix

I know its been a while. Don't really know what to say. I do hope to see something come out of this one day that we can all share - even if its not what we were expecting. It appears this site is now attracting evil spammers. I have cleared the annoying posts from this section.

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xx Design Journal Update
February 20, 2008, 11:52:20 AM by deltamatrix

Hello to all Hero6 fans,

After a loooong time, the designer journals have finally been updated. Shocked

See it here:
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